Sunday, July 24, 2016

Losing position and time in light


Day 53

Passing Circle and entering into Yukon Flats, the situation of the river changed entirely.
The rive width became infinite, and an infinite number of islands filled the river. The stream branched as meshes of a net, and it was difficult to distinguish the main stream and effluents. Hills disappeared, and only a water and woods on flat and thin islands spread on the horizon. Sunlight and reflected light by ripples filled the space surrounding me. I lost my position and speed in space, just floated in space. Losing a position and a speed meant losing a time. Everything lost a relative reference.
I lost an interest in a map, a watch and a kayak speed, and just floated in the light.

The zip of the entrance of the tent was worn down and became not functioning any more. It is the critical problem to survive in the cold and rain in Alaska. It seems that I can not fix it, and there will be no town to purchase it along the river. It might be all up with me.

Total distance: 858 mi




総距離: 1,372キロメートル

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