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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Solo Kayak Yukon River Source to Bering Sea

Solo kayak 2,000 miles in the Yukon River, Alaska from the source to the Bearing Sea, I plan to start from June this year. I have made a Facebook Page of it!! "Solo Kayak Yukon River Source to Bering Sea" I am aiming to post articles of situations during paddling in the river onto this Page via satellite phone.

Pushing "Like button" in that Facebook Page, you will be able to see that new articles I will post on your Facebook Home page.

六月からはじめる予定のアラスカ・ユーコン川下り。Facebookページを作ったヨ!! 「Solo Kayak Yukon River Source to Bering Sea」 このページへ、川下りの様子を衛星携帯電話経由でアップできればと思っている。


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  1. I don't do facebook. I'd like to see your posts here.